Since 1971, AAA Flag & Banner has brought larger-than-life events to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and beyond.

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Heineken interactive environment installation

Larger-than-life activationsKeeping stories at the forefront

We worked with AAA Flag & Banner to bring their nearly 50-year-old story to life on a digital stage. The Southern California-based company’s presence was not a second portfolio or showcase—it was a chance to tell a story about the AAA experience. Their events were not about large-format installations and impressive activations; they were about bringing people together, celebrating art or music or product, seeing a favorite place in a new light.

Couple standing at Coachella

Bringing other creators to the conversationInstagram Lifestyle Content

By looking for photos from influencers, photographers, and event attendees, Merakite put AAA Flag & Banner's strengths in the spotlight. Installations were only half their story—the moments people shared, the photos they took, and the memories they made were what brought their Instagram to life.

Through locations and event hashtags, we found the content we needed to make AAA's feed vibrant—balancing the playfulness of real life with the professionalism of a major company.