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Adorne LA

Sustainable, handmade accessories from Bali's female artisans


Adorne LA


Social media marketing, email template design and automation, Klaviyo integration with Shopify


Since Summer 2018

$0.55 CPC

Adorne LA’s ads consistently earn a cost per click of around $0.55. Each new ad was delivered to an increasingly defined audience, reflecting performance data in terms of age, interests, and purchase behavior.


Each iteration of Adorne LA’s ads generated more data that could be used to define a more specific audience. Women ages 25-34 were the ideal market, particularly those living in California, Texas, New York, and Florida.


Ads targeting younger demographics tend to perform best on Instagram—Adorne LA was no exception. Highly relevant verbiage and strong brand voice brought in hundreds of clicks across Instagram feeds and Stories.

Email Templates
and Automation


Our design team worked closely with Adorne to develop beautiful Klaviyo email templates. These templates were used in several spring campaigns, including a Mother’s Day drip campaign.

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