Concept store for local goods made by artisans and craftsmen.

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Logo, Instagram concept feed, Snapchat geofilter

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Logo for Delilah Lane with a pen sketch cow graphic

Branding and ColorsLogo Development

Delilah Lane’s logo was designed to be as charming as it was simple. Light grays and dark browns were the perfect choice for a farmhouse brand.

Pancakes in a farmhouse kitchen

Sourcing consistent material for social mediaAesthetics and Content

It was important that we supplement Delilah Lane's product and shop photographs with lifestyle content on Instagram. By continuing to tell the brand's story beyond their inventory, following the account would be an experience unto itself—not just another sales outlet.


Instagram Strategy

A shop like Delilah Lane calls for an Instagram strategy that's fittingly crafted, focused on an artisan-like authenticity.


Instagram Feed

Delilah Lane’s Instagram feed was designed with a creamy, clean, girly color palette. By tying in tan and shades of green, the feed would be cohesive throughout. Tagging products would allow for easy shopping, reducing the number of steps a follower takes from impression to transaction—and boosting the chance of making a sale.

Instagram Ads

Delilah Lane ads were a blend of product and lifestyle imagery, designed to appeal to young women in the 18-28 year old category with a geographic closeness to the shop. By appealing to a local crowd, Delilah Lane was more recognizable—and likable, too.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories were used to feature new product launches, special sales at the shop, and lifestyle content relevant to the target audience—like recipes, DIY crafts or projects at home, and more.

Snapchat Geofilters

In-store branding opportunities

Creating a custom Delilah Lane Snapchat geofilter would allow customers to take pictures of their favorite things—from sweaters to succulents—and share with their friends. Because Snapchat geofilters are based on location, the geofilter would only be accessible when a customer is in the store.The phrasing "What do you think?" is designed to encourage shoppers to post to their Snapchat story, or send the photo to their friends.

Succulent table on Snapchat screen
Branding sweater selfie Snapchat