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Platform for finding better roommates faster




Branding, web design, audience criteria, Facebook and Instagram ad setup


Summer 2019


Made for the millennial renter, D’well needed to exude a modern energy that still felt “homey.” We developed a color palette that balanced warm mustards with a soft powder blue and dark navy.

Web Design

D’well’s landing page was designed on Squarespace. We focused on telling a visual-first story that would convince prospective members and renters to sign up for the platform.


By understanding the demographic and behavioral cues, we designed audience criteria for D’well’s Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Branding and Design


Brand guidelines

As part of our work with D’well, we delivered a final PDF that outlined the company’s brand guidelines—including color palettes, logo use, and design assets. Compact and transferrable, it can be distributed internally or shared with third-party agencies.

Website Design


Since the membership areas of D’well would be hosted on a different platform, we could use Squarespace to design the front-facing homepage.


Landing Page

Playful illustrations, quirky colors, and social imagery told the D’well story, with prominent call-to-actions encouraging signups throughout the site.


Sponsored Facebook Ads

Facebook Audience Design and Ad Setup

Positioned as a solution for twenty-somethings living in their dream cities, D’well belongs on Facebook and Instagram. The ads would deliver to millennials living in D’well’s hub cities with interests in social events, meeting new people, and budgeting. With added behavioral identifiers—like recent job title changes or increased likeliness to move—D’well could find just the right audience.