Merakite Client Dashboards Are Here!


We’re so excited to be announcing a new way for Merakite Clients to monitor their growth and progress. Opening up in mid-May and rolling out for all Clients by June 1, our Dashboards are completely customizable and updated daily. Knowing your numbers is the best way to measure success and detect ways to improve. Our new Dashboards make it easy for our Clients to understand exactly what’s working, seeing Merakite’s impact across online revenue, website traffic, bounce rate, social media community growth, engagement, and more.

Merakite Dashboard Integrations

Merakite Client Dashboards can be integrated with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, YouTube, Shopify, Squarespace, Google Analytics, Stripe, Square, and more. Here are some of our available metrics:

  • Instagram followers

  • Instagram follower growth trends

  • Facebook likes

  • Twitter followers

  • Mailchimp subscribers

  • Mailchimp campaign open rate

  • YouTube subscribers

  • Shopify commerce

  • Squarespace commerce

  • Stripe commerce

  • Square commerce

  • Website visitors

  • Website traffic sources

  • Website geographic reports

  • Website bounce rate

  • Weekly, monthly, or 3-month ecommerce revenue

And more! Each Dashboard is custom-built, reflecting the unique goals and needs of each Client. Only watching a few key statistics? No problem!


Merakite Client Dashboards will be available to all current Merakite Clients for beta testing throughout June 2019. Starting on July 1, Pro Merakite Clients will continue to have free access to their real-time metrics. The Dashboard will not be available to non-Clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, we’d love to hear from your team. Send us an email at to get in touch.