Sharing Passwords with Merakite

Merakite uses Signal to securely share Client passwords in the onboarding process. All messages are encrypted, and the Signal servers never have access to private messages.

1. Download the Signal App

Download the free Signal App from the App Store or Google Play. The platform runs on iOS, Android, and Desktop, but you’ll need a smartphone to get started.


2. Link a Phone Number

Link Signal with an existing phone number. Signal will ask you to confirm ownership of the number to finish setting up your account. For troubleshooting, see Registering a Phone Number on Signal’s support website.


3. Securely Text Your Passwords

Create a new message by tapping on the symbol.

Text your passwords through an encrypted message to the Merakite Client Concierge at (650) 918-4630. For each password, make sure to include their corresponding username(s) and platform(s).

Example:   Instagram username is @shopbiz, password is ns7C4i#dks!ms

Merakite Client Concierge: (650) 918-4630


4. Complete Remaining Onboarding