A lifestyle product at a luxury price point, designed to liberate the inner adventurer.

We built...

Logo, website, social media strategy, print ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, print materials, A/B-tested homepage optimization

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SYNC Vans logo development sheet

Exploration and utilityLogo Development

Inspired by a compass rose and designed to be stencil-friendly (did someone say metal badging?), the SYNC Vans logo unites a spirit of travel with the utility of a livable vehicle.


Showing off the active lifestyleWebsite Development & Design

We designed SYNC Van’s website to show off the best parts about #vanlife with a custom header video. An “As seen in…” section early on helped boost the van company’s credibility. When conversion projects run $32,000 and up, earning a potential customer’s trust is a big first step.


Metrics and Progress

Our impact at a glance

Merakite's strategy for SYNC Vans was focused on generating leads through organic follower growth and sponsored ads—coordinated alongside SYNC's social media channels, website, and print promotion.

from November 2016-April 2019
Increase in time spent on website with redesigned, geo-specific homepage greeting
Original branded hashtag on Instagram
Potential revenue greater than customer acquisition costs

“Merakite's approach has continued to drive business for SYNC Vans and assist our company in its efforts to clarify our messaging, gain market share and grow brand awareness.”

Jay Sfingi Co-Founder, SYNC Vans
Van parked in front of golden gate bridge

Geo-specific landing pagesHomepage Customization

We used inbound website visitors' locations to greet them with a region-specific homepage. When tested against a standard website without customization, the personalized homepage outperformed in >99% of models.


Tested against the original homepage, the location-specific greeting had a 99% chance of being more effective.

Bounce Rate

More than 86% of visitors explored SYNC's website beyond the homepage after receiving the customized greeting (14% bounce rate).

Session Duration

On average, visitors shown the new greeting spent 9 minutes and 28 seconds on the website—up 400% compared to the original homepage.

Van photo on Instagram

Storytelling through #VanLifeInstagram Management

We optimized SYNC's Instagram for growth by curating the industry's most popular community hashtags, posting authentic content, and maintaining an engaged fan base of users in particular lifestyle demographics.

Using Instagram Stories for interest polling

We created a series of interest polls and asked @syncvans's followers what they wanted to see this summer. After a strong response, we began reaching out to travelers, photographers, and outdoors enthusiasts on Instagram, inviting them to join us in a cross-promotional Instagram Takeover.