We designed a memorable, clean logo for the Treedy brand alongside bright colors and a sophisticated mobile interface.

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Logo, color scheme, mobile interface, mini promotional video

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Treedy logo with a t shape embedded inside a leaf outline

Colors and brandingLogo Development

Treedy was a play on “treaty,” representing an agreement between two parties. We worked with the “tree” concept to incorporate a minimalist logo that brought together a lowercase t and a leaf shape. The brand palette focused on trustworthy colors popular in financial apps—like Mint, Robinhood, and others—while still feeling hip and modern.

iPhone X mockups for chatting and interacting with interface

Interface for online contractsTreedy Mobile

The Treedy mobile interface kept brand colors at the forefront without cluttering the user’s experience. Lots of white space helps clients feel like they have breathing room—an important feature in financial app environments.